About Dili


Dili foods was established in 2005 as a natural juice company; it is one of Best Buy group; Best Buy for Food Industry.

Who we are?

Dili is a natural juice company that started in 2005 as a juice company; producing NFC fruits juice, Oriental Juice and Nectar Juice. By the
very beginning of 2021 Dili decided to start a new two production lines Healthy Natural Juice and Tomato Paste.

Our Vision

Looking to be the best preforming company for natural fresh food products in the international market as well as the Egyptian market.

Our Mission

Our company is committed to serve the idea of offering nature fresh food products at premium quality maintain the whole nutrition values and benefits at the most hygienic level ensuring that your health relays on your food.

Our Products

Dili NFC Fruits Juice; 11 Flavors with 2 packs 1 liter & 290 ml PET plastic bottle; The expiry date is 89 days.

• Dili Oriental Juice: 7 Flavors with only 1-liter PET plastic bottle; The expiry date 120 days.

• Frooti Nectar Juice: 10 Flavors with 2 packs 1 liter and 200 ml plastic bottle; The expiry date is 365 days.

• Nude Juice: Better to drink it cold; 6 Flavors with 2 packs glass bottle 1 liter and 290 ml PET plastic bottle; The expiry date is 89 days.

• Dili Tomato paste: pack is 360 ml; The expiry date is 365 days.

• Dili Ice Cream: Needs to be frozen:
- Dili Sundae:

- 6 Flavors with pack 200 ml.

- Dili Mousse; 3 Flavors with pack 200 gm.

- Dili 1 liter; 6 Flavors with pack 1 liter.

Industry Info

Dili uses PET plastic bottles;
All of the fruits are NFC- Non-from Consternate;


We are using the most unique manufacturing technique, NFC stands for Not from Concentrate; and aims to use the least amount of processing to converse as much of the original character of the raw fruit as possible with only pulp, skin and seeds begin removed.

Dili is the market leader in the natural juice market; our fruit juice and oriental drink are significante.


Certified ISO 9001.

Certified ISO 22000.


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